Resignations vs. Arrests

What is this?

ArrestAnon (the anon behind the Human Trafficking Arrests List) figured out that some peoples names on the resignation list do REALLY match with people on the human trafficking arrests list.


# Name Company Position Comments Links
1 Mark Hoeltzel University of Michigan Doctor charged in child porn case Link to arrest
2 Dennis Weston Alaska Department of Juvenile Justice Administrator has been charged with possession of child pornography Link to arrest
3 David St. George Boston Philharmonic Youth Orchestra Director arrested & indicted - for child pornography and the rape of a one-year-old child Link to arrest
4 George Randolph Jeffery Department of Human Services, Georgia Special Assistant Attorney General arrested & indicted - on multiple counts of sexual exploitation of children Link to arrest
5 Harold "H.L" Moody, Jr. Pulaski County Special Events Coordinator charged with distribution of child pornography and possession of child pornography Link to arrest