Resignations vs. Indictments

What is this?

IndictmentAnon (the guy behind the Indictments Master List) figured out that some peoples names on the resignation list do REALLY match with people on the indictments list.

(Actually there are some technical issues, so the links in the indictments list to the resignation list are not correct, but thats my fault! That's why i link them back here... Thank you for your work & research, IndictmentAnon!)


# Name Company Position Comments Links
1 Philip Ahr Link to indictment
2 Michael Flynn White House National Security Adviser Link to indictment
3 Elizabeth Holmes Theranos CEO securities regulators called her a fraud and forced her to give up the company she built Link to indictment
4 Darryl De Sousa Baltimore Police Department Commissioner After Tax Charges Link to indictment